History of the Company

Over 10 years in the travel market

Advanced users successfully book tickets online. However, travelers have to buy tickets for cheap regular flights: a single market for cheap charter tickets does not exist yet. You can buy a charter ticket either as part of a tour, or to an employee of a travel agency "through good connections".

At this very time, the young manager of one of the tour operators comes up with the idea to come up with a one-stop service that will give the opportunity to purchase tickets for charter flights for ordinary buyers.

This is how Clickavia is born.


A service is entering the market that allows ordinary passengers, and not only professionals of the tourist market, to get direct access to charters: the Clickavia technology platform with a single employee (and part-time creator) Vadim Zaitsev. By the end of the year, the company launched the first version of the site and the first hired employee, the courier, appeared.


Albeit being small, business is successfully developing. The company has 5 employees. There is a need to move to a new office - on Paveletskaya. We are going to run the second version of the web-site.

The second version of the web-site

An important step in the development of the company is an integration with all leading meta-search engines. Clickavia becomes the first company to give users the opportunity to choose charter tickets for a metasearch along with regular flights.

Search for charter tickets

In the charter market, which came up with Clickavia, there are active competitors. This stimulates the company and makes it better and better. A new, third version of the site is being created. The company has 15 full-time employees. By the end of the year, the charter ticket market will be calculated for the first time, and Clickavia will take up about half of the market.

50% of the market

The company is moving to a new large office. In order to make it cozy and good, more than 3 million rubles will be invested in repairs. Clickavia is here to stay. For the first time, sales exceed 100,000 tickets per year. The company already employs 30 people.

100,000 tickets per year

The company is making a new qualitative leap. A new, fourth version of the web-site is being launched: it has become even more convenient and intuitive for the user, a full-fledged technology platform appears. Clickavia launches a number of IT startups, including a project for dynamic packaging of tours. While the tourism industry is in crisis, Clickavia takes advantage of the moment and gets 70% of the market.

70% of the market

Technologies are developing, and now it’s not the one who has more people working for the company, but vice versa. We are starting to develop a new technology that automates most of the processes, and now we sell more tickets, and the service becomes even better.


A new, fifth version of the web-site is almost ready: it has become even more convenient and flexible. It will also be possible to buy hotels, transfers, visas and more. We will make the most convenient service for the purchase of travel.